Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Marion and I woke up feeling better than we did on Friday so we got out of the house for a bit.

First, we returned to Park Im Gruene . Marion and I wanted to show Brian the park. And we didn't have any milk in the house. So, it was either go to the store or go to the park for breakfast. We chose the park.

Back at her favorite toy.

More fascinated with donkey poop than the donkeys this time around.

Enjoying the view.

After the park, we came back home to get the recycling and the granny cart. Then it was off to the store.

On the way to the store we walked through a flea market that was going on in the town square. We didn't see anything but it was nice nonetheless.

Since it was Saturday, the store was absolute chaos. Everyone stocking up before Sunday. We should know this by now.

And we just had to stop at the little house play area before we left the store.

The afternoon was spent unloading groceries while Marion slept. But after Marion woke up, we headed off to the Chilbi since Marion seemed to be getting over her cold.

The Chilbi is a fair that each town has during the summer. It has rides, food, and merchants selling various items, including spices, toys, candy, and meats.

But the most important part of the fair? Well, that was the pony rides.

We spent most of our time there. First, waiting to get on the pony.

Then finally riding one and loving every minute of it.

On Sunday, Marion woke up with her runny nose again. So we decided to take it easy. But we wanted to get out of the house so we hopped in the car to explore.

The scenery was beautiful. I forgot my camera. Shoot.

The rest of the day was spent resting at home to try to get Marion better for her first ballet class on Monday!


Hoppy said...

Are those real ponies? The carnival looks like fun!

Mom2Cam...Wife2Ger said...

How cool. BTW..those first 2 from the fair...GREAT shots...looks like your getting the hang of that camera!

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures!!!
so cool! i want a pony ride :)

looks like you guys found a great park spot.

mrsmac said...

Hoppy- yep, real ponies! she loved them!

Sandra- thanks! still can't figure out how to change the f-stop though. and still haven't looked at my manual...

Colleen- unfortunately the fair will be over when you get here. but another town might have one!