Thursday, June 26, 2008

On a margarita mission

Last Saturday I picked up some avocados while at the grocery store. I was definitely craving some guacamole in this heat. I took those beauties home, put them on the kitchen counter, and waited for them to ripen.

In the meantime, I realized that guacamole was useless without a margarita. The train of though went something like this: Yum, margaritas. Wait, I haven't seen a liquor store here. No margarita mix either. How exactly does one make a margarita in Switzerland?

So I logged on to my local Yahoo group and posted a desperate plea for help in this matter.

I immediately got replies pointing me to stores that sold tequila. Most of the replies were very helpful. One told me to Google margarita recipes. Funny.

So off I went yesterday on the search for tequila, Cointreau, and lime/lemon juice.

It took me a bit but I found the store and purchased the one brand of tequila they sold. Also picked up some Cointreau.

Next stop, grocery store. Couldn't find lime juice so I sent Brian to a different store to look for it on his way home last night. He came home with three bottles of lime juice.

How much does he expect me to drink exactly?

Anyway, I am now enjoying some fresh guacamole and a drink that resembles the margaritas I've had in the past. I'd give you my recipe but the construction of this drink involved a lot of different splashes and taste tests.

Margarita mixes are MUCH simpler.


Anonymous said...

How was it with Contreau..? I always used Grand Marnier as the topper :)
Hope it was delicious and hit the spot..!

Anonymous said...

cointreau is basically the same mummy :)
they are both an orange liquor.
here's a simple solution.

lemon/lime juice/soda
sliced limes
splash o orange juice


ToadMama said...

So... I guess my dear hubby never told you I am the margarita queen! Well, not a queen exactly, but I did go through a phase where I experimented with quite a few recipes. Which of course meant quite a few different tequilas.

Here's my favorite...

2 oz of Sauza Hornitos tequila
1 oz of Blue curacao liqueur (DeKuyper or some other quality brand)
Two heaping tablespoons of frozen lime juice concentrate (right out of the carton)
Pour the ingredients in that order over about 3 inches of crushed ice in a blender and you have the perfect blue margarita (usually enough for two)
WARNING: you can hardly taste the alcohol, though, so they are dangerous.

Hope you enjoyed the Matterhorn. I got on that ride at Kind's Dominion once. (-:

stacy said...

I don't know where you got the tequila but our Coop carries it, sometimes smaller ones keep the hard stuff near the cash register. And you can always try the Mexican store in Zurich, it is called El Maiz and is on Josefstrasse near the hauptbahnhof, they have lots of tequilas there (hot sauce/salsa too) and they might have mix, but maybe not. Tequila and me don't mix well, so I can't say I have a good recipe - but I imagine fresh limes would be more tasty than bottled lime juice? (PS bottled lime juice is at Coop in the baking section, they also have lemon juice). Happy drinking! :-)