Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally, a couch. And a TV.

Brian went to go pick up our new TV last night. Mapquest said it would only take 20 minutes. However, Mapquest, Garmin, Brian, and I didn't take into account the craziness of the Euro Championship. All of the streets were blocked off for people to walk around, enjoy the city, and watch the games (we hope to explore that this weekend).

Anyway, it took Brian longer than expected to get there and back. But when he did he looked like a kid in a candy store. A TV. A 32" LCD HD TV. What more could a guy ask for?

I think it is too big. Which is odd since we had this for years.

I think I got used to smaller televisions since we had this for the last few months at our old house.

Marion's still making the transition from the portable DVD player to the TV.

Yes, the Little Mermaid. Again.

Our couch was then delivered by Ikea this morning. We were given an 8-12 window. I guess some things truly are universal.

Or so I thought. I got a call at 10:05 am saying they would be here in approximately 30 minutes. You don't get that kind of service in the US unless you request it. They arrived at 10:20 am. Amazing.

In addition to delivery service we also paid for montage, or assembly. It wasn't supposed to include putting the slipcover on but they did that too.

It's alot bigger than I expected. Gonna have to move the rug farther out but I already discovered I can't do that myself. As far as the pictures go, Marion was in the mood to model. But as soon as she got off the couch she wasn't interested and ran away. Stinker.

The Ikea people left by 11 am. They were awesome! But I didn't tip them. I wasn't sure and asked the question too late. Crap, I hope that was right.

In other news, Marion really took to the Swiffer. Here she is, cuddling with it. Now that's comfort.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the sofa and TV....LOVE IT!

yeah, the rug does need to come out further on both sides...and a coffee table wouldnt hurt either. the lack one from ikea is about 20CHF. or should be. check it out-and it matches your entertainment shelf.

it's all coming together very nicely!!!

Jessica said...

Looks awesome.

IKEA does a great job, don't they? And it seems that they delivered it quite quickly for you. I ordered something 2 weeks ago and got it delivered yesterday - same awesome call ahead. So unlike the US.

We have the same tv just a slight bit bigger and I agree that it times it is a bit too large... but we love it nonetheless, very good for the EM 2008 games!

Hoppy said...


grammie said...

Love it ALL !!! Your new home is beautiful and so comfy. First dibs on the couch :)

When Brian ordered the couch, I heard her say 3 weeks until, they sure know how to make you happy over there.

Enjoy !!!

Lots of Love,

ps...Marion looks taller.

caitlin said...

Hmmm, well that's nice, I ordered my living room furniture from Gardiner's in mid-FEBRUARY and it isn't being delivered until next weekend. I am one Bitter Betty.

Katie said...

ooh, very nice! I really like the couch and rug and marion is adorable as usual. Her poor little cheek!

Dean said...

I love the little mermaid picture; it looks like they are looking at each other!

And that swiffer looks much more docile than a big scary vaccuum.

mrsmac said...

Colleen- Thanks! I put the curtains up. They are way long. You may be doing more than babysitting when you come in a couple of weeks...

Jessica- Thanks! They did do a great job and I'malready getting used to the TV. The Greece vs Russia game was great last night!

Hoppy- She can't get enough of the mermaid. I now know almost every single line in that movie!

Grammie- Marion is definitely taller! That dress barely covers her behind now.

Caitlin- I can't believe you never canceled that order! I hope you get it this weekend!!!

Katie- Thanks! Hope things are going well with you!

Dean- Yea, she loves that movie. I had to repeat to her several hundred times to not touch the TV and not stand right next to it!