Monday, June 9, 2008

Ants of the Swiss variety

We've been getting ants. Lots of them. And as luck would have it, we've been getting them in Marion's room.

It started with one or two around Wednesday. But today there were 20 or so, everywhere. Up her wall, all over the floor, on the window. Those suckers move fast too and were hard to get. But Colleen and I managed to round most of them up and spray a little bit of insect killer left by the previous tenants before Marion's nap.

It was an ant graveyard in there after Marion's nap. Dead ants are much easier to catch than live ones though.

But today was our lucky day. After Marion's nap, exterminators arrived to spray the patio. I managed to get out there before they left and let them know that we had ants inside. "Inside?" he asked. "Yes, inside", I replied.

He told me that someone else was going to be doing the inside work and that they would be back.

And back they came after a half hour or so. Both of them were very nice, spoke pretty good English, and put covers on their shoes before they entered our apartment. Then they inspected Marion's room and her window. After some spraying and caulking they told me how the ants were coming in, that the spray wouldn't be dangerous after it dried, that they left some ant death food (the kind they take back to the ant hill to kill the others), and then they were gone. And, hopefully, the ants are gone now too!

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