Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunday, June 1: Our last day in the US for a long time

Since we had finished most of the packing the day before, we decided we had time to go to the Baltimore Farmer's Market and visit our friends and their new baby in the hospital before leaving for the airport. Some of us woke up easier than others. Brian and Erin had a great time the night before.

We love the JFX Farmer's Market
and will certainly miss our favorite Sunday morning activity. But we were able to get some coffee, donuts, and oyster mushroom fritters during our visit as well as see some gorgeous flowers.

Marion warning all who come near not to take her donut.

Oyster mushroom fritters- add feta, hot sauce, lettuce and voila! Yummy goodness.

Everyone relaxing under the JFX.

Flowers- so gorgeous.

After the market, we went to the hospital to see Evan, our friend's new baby son.

He was absolutely adorable. And big! 8 lb, 11 oz. Healthy and gorgeous and quiet. A perfect new baby :-) Except for him bringing his hand up when I took the picture above. Marion must have taught him how to do that.

Then it was back to my parent's house where final packing commenced. Although we had been able to get a lot of it finished the night before we still had some things to finish up. Didn't take too long, but it was chaotic.

Once we were all packed and had luggage in three (yes, 3!) cars, we started our drive up to Philly. Not too bad of a drive, no traffic. Although we did have to stop once to change Marion.

An hour and a half or so later, we were at the airport. Skycab helped us to unload everything and check in. Most of the bags were under 50 lbs (shocking to us!) so we only had to pay for the extra bags we checked. I think we had 8 bags between the three of us, with another one under my mom's name. And I thought we packed light.

Check in was a breeze by the way, I highly recommend flying international on Sundays. No lines at all!

Then it was time for goodbyes. Always the saddest part, especially wondering if Marion gets it. But we said our goodbyes, tearfully, and made our way to security.

Security is where it first became clear that having my mom there to help us was a huge help. Even though we checked alot of baggage, we also carried on quite a bit. And the TSA likes to make things complicated. So we had to remove both of our laptops, Marion's DVD player, fold up the stroller, and walk the carseat around. Oh, and coordinate getting Marion to walk through the metal detector by herself. All while we had the TSA agent reminding us that we had to remove our shoes and jackets and put them through. Yea, we know. But we kind of have our hands full, thanks. Not helpful.

We got through in one piece and with minimal nasty looks from the people in line behind us.

Marion was excited to see the plane once we got the gate.

So excited that Brian bought her Air Force One.

We were able to grab dinner before preboarding the plane, which was nice. Preboarding was awesome because we definitely needed the extra time. Once we settled in, it was time to take off. Marion was a champ and loved the process.

The flight itself was okay. The seat in front of Marion was empty which was a relief for Brian and I at first. Then a big guy sat in front of me and leaned on the seat in front of Marion, making an already tight situation tighter.

She was great on the plane, never cried. But she did whine a bit and kicked the seat in front of her a few times which angered the guy sitting in front of me. Want to know how I know? Because he rolled his eyes, muttered curse words under his breath, and pushed the chair back onto Marion at one point. I'd have to say Marion was the more mature one of the two.

Although she didn't fall asleep right away, she did manage to nod off after 3 hours. She then slept through the remainder of the flight, including landing and half of the plane deboarding. We were completely amazed.

Brian also managed to get some rest. Me- not so much. On top of the big guy in front of me trying to crush my legs, I had a younger guy behind me who didn't like it when I moved (because he was trying to sleep on the food tray) and would jolt my chair everytime I tried to get comfortable. Then, everytime he got up, he used my chair for leverage. I had a great 7 hours.

After we landed, we deboarded (with the stewardesses waiting for us). We had a lot of stuff and a sleeping baby! But the stewardess behind us just looked pissed.

Anyway, we managed to get off the plane, to baggage claim, and through customs in one piece with all of our belongings. Then we found our taxi driver and Colleen and made our way to our apartment through the traffic of Zurich.


Dean said...

what a good picture of Evan... it is too bad he got his hand up.

mrsmac said...

i know, right dean? he was already thinking, who is this annoying woman with the camera? get her out of here! hope he, anne, and you are doing well!