Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another laundry day, another gray day

So we'll be staying in. And doing laundry, putting up curtains, organizing things, and trying to get some cleaning done. Exciting stuff. Marion seems to like the dry Swiffer so we'll also try a bit of that. No vacuuming, at least for the time being.

In other news, today is Brian's and my four year anniversary. Wow, that went fast. To celebrate we are considering flying my sister from London in a couple of weeks and going to see the Matterhorn for the weekend.

Yesterday evening Marion and I enjoy some fun outside after the sun came out. She played in her rain boots with my umbrella and I took pictures. Makes perfect sense, right? No umbrella for the rain, boots and umbrella for sun. Anyway, here are some of the pictures, enjoy!

You can see her eye color here. I always have a hard time explaining what they are. She has brown around her irises and, as a result, her eyes tend to change color depending on how dilated they are. They've been gray, blue, green, and brown.

Good shot of her shiner, day two.


Jessica said...

Those have to be the cutest boots I've ever seen!

Yeah, bummer about the EM '08. Should be interesting to follow the rest of the games though!

Let's both wish for more sunshine, eh? It's truly gorgeous here, rain or shine, but best when shining. ;)

mrsmac said...

Jessica- thanks! haha so funny, i just posted about the euro. totally a bummer. we don't have a tv yet (tonight!) so i get my news online. i heard screaming last night so i was hoping for good news. too bad. and definitely hoping for sunshine too!

Hoppy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GUYS!!!! Hope you and Brian enjoy this special day! Love the pictures of Marion!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pictures of marion-SO CUTE!




love you all,

caitlin said...

I would like to adopt Marion. Thanks.

Holly Dengler said...

Happy Anniversary. I saw it on my calendar today - I can't beleive it has already been 4 years - WOW!!!

Grammie said...

Enjoying reading your Blog Meg and catching up. LOVE the pics. I know you are enjoying your new camera.
I can't imagine you navigating around town, 2 stores, Marion walking, shopping and then rain...
I thought I filled

Love to you all,
ps...please give Marion a big hug from me.