Sunday, September 30, 2007

Purge Cycle #1

Well, we had a yard sale this past Saturday. I'm sure our first of many as we get ready to move. We collected an assortment of things from our home to prepare for this sale over the past month. And when I say "assortment", I mean anything in the house we could grab that we don't want to have to pack or move. This is what our living room and dining room looked like the week before the event:

How did we collect all of this stuff? How did we fit all of this in our house? Why does it feel like we haven't made a dent into anything? Truly, these are the mysteries of life.

Somehow we managed to get it all set up and ready to go before Brian had his coffee Saturday morning. About halfway through the yard sale I realized, "Hey! I've got a blog now! Where is my camera?" So here is most of our stuff set up and ready to be bought, to be shipped off to Salvation Army, or to be placed back into our basement to wait for the next purge cycle.

And what did we do with Marion during this crazy Saturday morning? Why, we locked her in toddler prison with a friend, some toys, and a pumpkin!

She had fun, trust me. She had even more fun when Grammie showed up to play with her! After all was said and done, I think we managed to sell almost half of our stuff. The other half was either donated to Salvation Army or packed away to await the next yard sale, most likely in the spring.

So, stay tuned for our spring moving/block yard sale. Something tells me it'll be a big one!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Waiting - Phase 2

Well, the good news is that we know we are going to Zurich. The not so good news is that we aren't going until June. That's way too much time- there is no telling how many lists I will have written and re-written by then!

So far I have a list for our yard sale next weekend, a list of housework to be completed before we put the house on the market in January, a list of places I want to visit with Marion while we are in Europe, and a list of christmas gift ideas to help us prepare for our trip and limit clutter that will only have to be moved shortly after the holidays.

Brian is rolling his eyes so bad I think they are stuck in the back of his head.

Friday, September 7, 2007

This is it!

Well, it has finally been decided. Sometime in late May/early June 2008 our little family will be off to Zurich!

While the details haven't been worked out yet, we have received the OK from the powers that be. So paperwork, here we come!

Picking up everything and moving across the globe, toddler in tow. Brian and I are beyond excited and can't wait to begin this little adventure! Time to start getting things in line and learning german... only 9 months to go!