Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A nice shrimp dinner

My mom went to the grocery store while she was here to fill our refrigerator and freezer with food. One of the items she bought was frozen shrimp.

So the other night, I decided to break them out and add them to a pasta dish I was throwing together.

I say throwing together because I've never really been a good cook. I'm not patient when it comes to cooking and I tend to see what I can whip up. Sometimes it turns out well. Other times, not so much.

That night I was making spaghetti and decided to stir fry some peppers I had to add to the dish. When I saw the shrimp I was excited. I love shrimp!

I took them out of the frig, put them on the counter, and opened the packaging. I immediately became nauseaus.

They still had heads on them.


My reaction surprised me. I'm from Maryland and include ripping steamed blue crabs from limb to limb as one of my favorite summer pastimes.

But shrimp heads? Ewwwwww.

So I threw them into a bowl of water to thaw and let Brian deal with them when he came home. He wasn't too pleased as he was a bit weirded out by the shrimp heads as well. But he ripped those heads off, peeled the shrimp, and did a damn fine job of it!

I cooked those suckers up and threw them into the dish. And it was pretty good, if I do say so myself. :-)


Anonymous said...


fyi-they're called Prawns over here in Europe.

Sounds good though!

caitlin said...

Sick. I prefer headless prawns as well.

Anonymous said...

Ooops...Didn't realize. I would never have bought them if I knew they were prawns. But the thought of putting shrimp in your freezer for you sounded so nice. A touch of the Eastern Shore :) Glad you have Big Strong Brian over there to handle these issues. He's a keeper !
I'm sure your meal was wonderful, and now very memorable...

Dean said...

apparantly the whole shrimp vs prawns thing is quite confusing. I don't see anythign about heads being on or off though.
Heres another blogger who explores the topic:
and again:

mrsmac said...

Colleen- It said shrimp on the packaging!

Caitlin- I hear ya. Did you get your furniture yet?

Mom- No problem! It didn't look like they had heads on it from the outside. And Brian handled it!

Dean- Look at you go! I'm off to read those links. :-)