Sunday, June 8, 2008

A lazy Sunday walk along the lake

We decided to relax most of the day and straighten up the apartment. After Marion's nap, Colleen, Grammie, Brian, Marion, and I headed out for a walk to enjoy the (what has been rare this week) sunshine. Here are some pictures I snapped during our walk.

Our apartment building.

Really getting into the EURO 2008 mood.

The hotel where Colleen and Grammie stayed in town.

The town square where they have music and wine on Friday nights.

Everyone recycling at the local Migros.

The brown glass recycling bin.

Taking the whole "Men at Work" thing a bit far I think. I wonder if they have female construction workers in Switzerland?

Colleen and Marion looking at some ducks.

A Swiss duck and clear lake water.

Marion: "I running!"

The playground on the lake.

I tried to get a picture of Marion and Brian but a train went by. Marion loves the trains so it kind of distracted her. I managed to get her excitement over the "choo-choo train" on camera. Notice how little Brian manages to move.

Daddy and Marion.

Some sculptures we saw on our walk. Reminds me of Lehigh.

A view of the park.

After our walk we went back to the apartment for a nice family dinner before the skies opened for a torrential downpour. Marion was scared of the thunder but Grammie explained that it was just the angels bowling. She seemed to be OK with that explanation.

Then it was time for our nightly Rummy game after Marion went to sleep. I managed to win a game, surprisingly enough. Grammie has been on a streak all week. After I barely won, Brian walked Grammie and Colleen back to their hotel.

A great first Swiss Sunday!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! Marion's face with the choo-choo is especially funny!!! Looks like you've got a great place to live!!

Hoppy said...

Grammie let you win. She probably felt bad about it.

Dean said...

i couldn't tell the difference between brian and the sculptures. He looks like a statue.

Holly Dengler said...

Your not kidding!! Brain looks almost the exact same in every single picture. I was laughing so hard Jason was wondering what I could possibly be looking at :)