Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Swiss left crying in the rain"

That headline pretty much sums it up. The Swiss haven't had a great start in Euro 2008.

While they don't really have a chance at the championship now, I hope their luck improves. We are buying a used TV tonight from a fellow expat and I'd love to see some good games. And, of course, I'd like the fans here to be in great moods!

Next game is on Sunday at 20:45 against Portugal, the leader in their group. Go Swiss!


Dean said...

I think they've had some games on here too, on like ESPN8... what are they playing again? soccer?? ;)

mrsmac said...

dean, dean, dean- bite your tongue!!! we have not made that mistake (yet), but i've heard i will be looked at like i'm an alien if i do.