Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A dream trip to the pediatrician... in the rain

Yes, it continues to rain. Yes, it is getting old.


Marion had her pediatrician's appointment today to make sure her ear infection has cleared. The appointment was for 9 am but we were asked to arrive at 8:45 am for paperwork. We braved the walk in the rain and arrived a little before 8:45.

We took our coats off and filled out the paperwork required, one sheet asking for our contact information, birthdates, and names, in the waiting room. Everything was clean, there was an abundance of toys, and no one else was around. All was quiet.

After I was done filling out the sheet, we were moved into the exam room to wait for the doctor. The receptionist/nurse took Marion's weight (30.5 lbs, she's gaining!) and temperature (normal) and then said the doctor would be right in.

I looked at my watch. 8:55 am. Wow, that was fast.

5 minutes later, at 9 am on the dot, the doctor knocked on the door.

Surely I was in a dream. This couldn't be possible.

After pleasantries, I gave him Marion's medical records so he could review them. Everything is pretty normal with her so no surprises. He did ask what one of the vaccinations was because it was a brand name not used in Switzerland. Then he looked in her ears, declared the infection was healing, and that was that.

We were out of the office by 9:10 am.

I would have pinched myself had it not been raining outside.

For those that have not spent time in a typical busy pediatrician's office in the US, here is a description of our typical visit to help explain my amazement.

Arrive 10 minutes before appointment time to show insurance card and check in. If it was an early morning appointment, we would only wait 20 minutes before being taken in the back to get Marion's temperature and weight. Then we would walk to the patient room where we would wait another 15-20 minutes. Finally the doctor would arrive, we'd meet with him, and then he'd give us a form to take to the front desk where we would pay our copay.

So on a good day, an appointment in the morning would take almost an hour. If we had to go in the afternoon, all bets were off. I spent 2 hours at the pediatrician's office during one sick visit with Marion.

So far, I like this Swiss doctor's office.


Jessica said...

That is great. I agree, the doctor's here are much more efficient - but then again, what's not in Switzerland?

I had a medical issue that I needed to have taken care of ASAP and I went to one of those emergency doctors that you don't need an appointment for - it's in Bellvue, and there's one at the Zurich HBF. Anyway, I expected to be here hours, but miraculously I was in and out within 20 minutes, didn't have an insurance card at the time, so just paid it in full (which you're right, you do anyway), and was off to the chemist below the doctor's office, and home to remedy within the hour.


Katie said...

wow, that does sound like a dream! I have had maybe 2 good experiences out of 2,000 here in the US. I'm glad her ear is all clear!

Clare said...

A friend of mine won a trip to New Zealand and while they were camping, her husband injured his shoulder and they needed to call an ambulance to pick him up in the middle of nowhere. Diana cried all the way to the hospital, because she figured the cost of the ambulance and the emergency care would take years to pay off.

When they got to the hospital, the staff apologized that because he was not a NZ citizen, the care would not be free. They presented them with a bill for...$75.

Socialized medicine is the best. Glad you're enjoying the benefits of your swanky European life!

mrsmac said...

Jessica- That's awesome! And glad to know that is there. I'll have to store that away!

Katie- It totally was! Thanks about her ear, hopefully that will be it for awhile!

Clare- WOW! That is amazing! One more reason to get to NZ!