Thursday, June 19, 2008

Park Im Gruene

It was a beautiful day, not a drop of rain in sight. So we met the wife of one of Brian's coworkers, Amy, and her son Luke at the Park Im Gruene.

Marion decided she couldn't leave her Baby at home. So Baby kept Marion company on the ride over there. She also got to share Marion's carseat. Now we just need Marion to share with humans and we'll be all set.

"Mommy, stop taking pictures so we can get out of the car!"

Once there, we all played on the playground for a bit. Marion loved the metal tea cup-like ride (the one that moves around in a circle as the kids spin it from the center). I have no idea what it is called but I'm pretty sure they've been removed from most of the playgrounds in the US. Anyway, we all had a good laugh when Marion decided to get off and then promptly fell on her butt. Apparently she was a bit dizzy from her ride. I probably shouldn't laugh at my daughter that hard in public but wow, was it funny!

Amy and Luke had to leave so Marion and I went to go see the donkeys.

All was good with the donkeys until one decided to snort and make noises with his mouth while walking in Marion's general direction.

"I'm not so sure about these donkeys."

"Nope, let's go Mommy!"

And off she went.

So we decided to explore a bit. Other than the playground and the donkeys, there was a restaurant, a huge outdoor seating area, sandboxes, and a small water park.

Then I spotted some picnic tables at the edge of the park so we headed in that direction.

Wow was the view gorgeous.

Unfortunately, my camera battery then decided to die so I didn't get any more shots. But Marion loved it and sat on the step looking out towards the lake to eat her snack. We'll definitely be back.

PS- Sorry for the quality of these pictures. They are all over the place- light, dark, etc. I'm finally trying to learn how to use my camera without using the automatic settings. I'll get there!


Anonymous said...

oooh, the view is beautiful!

i cannot wait to see that lil munchkin again!

so cute megs, the pics are adorable.

where is the park?

Mom2Cam...Wife2Ger said...


Hey if you have any questions about your cam let me know. I dont remember if you got the canon or nikon but i will help ya out as best as I can!

mrsmac said...

colleen- we'll show you so you can take her this weekend.

sandra- thanks! you know i'l be asking!