Saturday, June 21, 2008

Croatia v Turkey, Euro 2008 Quarterfinals

What a game.

Brian and I had it on as background noise at the beginning. We were playing cards and would look up at the game occasionally. I guess we aren't die-hard football fans yet.

But when 10 pm (our unofficial bedtime) rolled around and we were exhausted, we realized that the score to the game was still 0-0. Brian then wondered if the game would end in a shoot out.

The anticipation was too much. I decided to stay up and see if it would end in a shoot out, forcing Brian to stay up with me.

We were almost through the second overtime period when Croatia scored a goal. There were only 3 minutes left in overtime!

Brian and I couldn't believe it. So close to a shoot out! But we decided to see how the game ended since there were only 3 minutes left.

Imagine our surprise when Turkey scored a goal to tie it at 1-1 with seconds left in the game. Seconds!

The coach for Croatia argued but the goal was ruled good. Shoot out time!

It was great to watch. The fans reactions were priceless. The emotions from the players were amazing. I can't imagine how they must have felt after playing for 120+ minutes.

Turkey ended up winning 3-1 in penalty shots. It was a great game to watch, unless you were a Croatia fan.

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