Monday, July 28, 2008

Wildpark Langenberg

On Friday morning, Marion and I checked out Wildpark Langenberg.

It is a free park located in Langnau, not very far from us. I had heard good things about it so we headed over there after breakfast.

First thing we saw were some goats. They were sleeping.
The second thing we saw was a playground. Had to stop there for a bit.
After the playground we continued into the park. We stopped at the bear area and saw some fish.
No bears. So we ventured a little further down the path.

Unfortunately, we didn't get too far. In my head, I had envisioned paved pathways, like a zoo. Because, you know, they have animals and stuff. So I wore flat shoes.
Not a good move. Should have worn the tennis shoes. On top of my poor choice of footwear, our stroller was having a hard time with the gravel pathways. One more reason I need a new stroller. I'm in the negotiation and research stage. We shall see.

Anyway, we came to a fork in the path.
Marion wanted to go downhill, on the gravel path. She was obviously in on the torture of my feet. We (I) decided to go uphill. Good choice, we found a small playground and sand box.
We spent the rest of our morning there.

A little boy was also playing in the sandbox and, after awhile, two other families joined us there. However, no matter how many children were playing in the area, the little boy would follow Marion around and try to take whatever she was playing with or sit on whatever animal she was riding. If Marion wouldn't give the toy up (ie she had a death grip on it), he would start to push her or pull her shirt.

Maybe this was the start of a crush?

Who knows. But in these situations I always step back and see what Marion does. Plus, I am not comfortable disciplining other people's kids, especially when they don't speak English.

Marion did pretty well. She wasn't giving up her toy (typical, we are still working on the concept of sharing). And after he pushed her, it was a great segway into the "we don't hit" discussion.

Anyway, despite run ins with the little boy, Marion had a blast. She played with the other little kids in the sandbox for the rest of the morning. When it was time to go, Marion gave the people at the sandbox a big "Bye Friends!"

I probably should have asked for their contact information, but I didn't. Oh well.

So, we had a great time. We didn't see that many animals but the place is free and has a restaurant so we'll be back. And when we do go back, I'll wear my tennis shoes and bring my new stroller (that will at least have rubber tires, that feature is a must).


ToadMama said...

I don't know where you find time for such long, and interesting, posts, but keep it up!

When you mentioned a stroller, I thought of our Amy who LOVES the one she got. It is perfect for off-road type stuff. Like zoo trips, trips to sports fields, etc.

It is sold at Babies R Us here in the US ( It is a Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger. If the link doesn't work, you could try Amazon.

Good luck! Oh yeah, I love the Bobby Car, too.

mrsmac said...

Thanks Kathy! I"ll have to check that stroller out!

stacy said...

Ah, yes, paved paths cannot be counted on! One thing that was weird to get used to is that when children of any age are fighting or bullying on a playground, Swiss parents don't tend to step in and intervene (unless they are really small children). The prevailing attitude is have a coffee and let the kids work it out. It was sort of hard for me (as a nanny) to get used to! If you run into this phenomenon, particularly at Park im Grüne, don't be too surprised...!

s said...

One more comment, sorry :-) Have you joined the Yahoo groups? Often people are selling strollers there, not to mention perhaps checking at some Bröcki's (Brockenhaus is a used item store - and Salvation Army is called Heil's Armee) - On Yahoo there is Families In Zurich, Zimmerberg-Sihtal-Zurich (which covers the Horgen area), and Families in Switzerland. I think there might be others but those are a good start. There are also the moms who meet every Wednesday at the International Protestant Church in Zurich -
they are often a good source for used items, as many people on contract need to get rid of their things when they leave. whew, sorry if you know all this stuff already! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog when looking up something on the Wildpark in Langnau (I live in Langnau) and I saw you mentioned the groups that I moderate so I thought I would post the links...