Thursday, July 10, 2008

I learn new things when I least expect it

I was contacted by Polaroid Eyewear today regarding my sticker shock post.

Dear Blogger.

We found your blog entry about Polaroid Sunglasses. I am sorry you had the feeling this was not a good offer for it truely is.

I just wanted to let you know that we offer only high quality product. Our sunglasses are all Polarized and offer the benefits of full UV protection and perfect vision (the polarization effect removes disturbing glare).

Too bad you do not know us yet. We are one of the biggest players in Sunglasses in Europe. Unfortunatly we are still small in US and try to change this these days, so hopefully, soon, everyone will know we are producing high quality sunglasses.

We are the sunglass brand that is the official partner of Cancer Council Australia, because our lenses are so great an protective.

Globally we sell mostly to opticians and premium department stores. In Switzerland (for historic reasons) you find us also in Migros.
The price is very attractive and I can assure you what you get for this price is more then if you go and buy a pair of sunlgasses for several 100 USD.

In case you are interested: Go once to Zürich and visit our Polaroid Product Wall (ground floor) at JELMOLI department store and let the sales person explain to you all our benefits.

To purchase a pair of sunglasses from Polaroid will ensure you have a really nice style, the full protection and the perfect vision- all at the same time!

I hope you have a great start in Switzerland! Its a wonderful country ( I have to say that, I am Swiss, but it is actually true :-)) )

Kind Regards.

PS: By the way: we have the perfect range for Kids. Its very important to protect small children from harmful UV rays.
Check our website:

So there you have it. I do have to admit the ones I chose were nice and I liked them a lot. My intent was never to complain about the quality of this brand.

But I'm still on the hunt for cheap (less than 15 CHF) sunglasses like you can find in the US. Marion likes to snap the sides off them. Therefore, the cheaper the better. Anyone?


caitlin said...

Jeez Meghan, they're the official partner of Cancer Council Australia. A little respect, please!!!!!

Jessica said...

Wow. That's one good brand manager there.

They definately found your blog through a Google reader or whatnot because they would have an autofilter on their brand. Clever little marketers.

I know these lovely tricks because that's exactly what I used to do. But I hardly wrote emails correcting or responding to posts. Not sure how I feel about it... but their email was very nice, positive, and harmless.

If nothing else, I know more about the brand... and that's what it is all about. ;)

Jessica said...

Actually.. I wish they would have noted whether they have anything to do with Polariod film!

Please let us know, All Knowing Product Manager! ;)

I know what polarized glasses are but I didn't know about Polariod before.

Miranda said...

What a sweet letter . . . the best line is "Too bad you do not know us yet."

In some other country the response might have been a form letter or even something along the lines of "How dare you slander us on the internet!" Ha ha. The polite, human tone of their letter is reason number 4387284 that I LOVE living in Switzerland!

Hoppy said...

Too bad they didn't offer you a free pair or a discount..... certainly would have had an impact.

Susan May said...

As I was reading, I also expected them to include a discount coupon code or something toward the end! It was a very nice letter, though.

mrsmac said...

Yes, I agree, a very nice letter! It's a shame I'm cheap when it comes to sunglasses. They never last very long in our household. :-)

Jessica- I looked up the company history on the website and they are related to Polaroid Corporation!

Grammie said...

Amazing. The Polaroid lady was very nice...good letter.

I would think should would have sent a new pair for you....and perhaps something towards your free advertising..., But that's good ole America thinking for you.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to say the Polaroid guy was right. If you use sunglasses, your eyes open, so you need real good protection. That is why sunglasses have their protection written on them. Only buy ones, with an official seal. Swiss people know that, because most of us got blinded one way or another, when we were young, didn't listen to our parents and tried skiing on a glacier in full sun light. That's when you learn, good sunglasses are really important. You have only one set of eyes. I use mostly the Polaroid ones (no connection) because they are really on the cheaper end. But there are other possibilities too.

Amber said...

That's hilarious! They should have sent you some free ones though.

Anonymous said...

H&M always has cheap sunglasses - they have 3 locations on Bahnhofstrasse - the best one for accessories is the one next to Jelmoli. Claire's Accessories is good too. I always break my sunglasses, so I normally have to buy 2 pairs each summer!!