Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random observations from our trip

France had a lot of stray dogs. And, as a result, there was dog poop everywhere. We had to pay very close attention to where we were going to avoid them. And then I managed to drive through two big heapings as we were packing up the car. Nastiness!

On our way to France, we drove through a very long tunnel. Once we exited the tunnel, everything was in Italian. It even looked like Italy. But we hadn't gone through a border control stop. Colleen and I were very confused. Turns out it was Ticino, the Itatian portion of Switzerland. It was our first experience in a different section of Switzerland and the change is remarkable. It feels like a different country, but it isn't. It would be like driving to Pennsylvania, and all of the signs would suddenly be in a different language and everyone would speak a different language, but the currency is still the same.

The trains in France were not as clean and comfortable as they are in Switzerland.

It is acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast and have multiple ice creams a day. This ensures that you don't lose weight while on vacation, even though you are climbing a mountain several times per day.

Only a few people went topless on the beach. Most of them you wouldn't expect to see topless.

People eat dinner out very late. Restaurants didn't even open until 7 pm.

We witnessed several incidents of road rage. It didn't just include people honking their horns, but people getting out of their cars to yell at each other, pedestrians yelling at motorists, and long horn blows.

None of the children at the beach that I saw were wearing a swim diaper. Marion was the only one. Made me wonder what happens when these children have to go potty. I mean, number one is a no brainer. But number two? Not so sure. They were all wearing bathing suit bottoms, so maybe that catches it? These are the things a mother who will be potty training her daughter in the next year wonders about while lounging on the French Riviera.

That's all I've got right now- I'm sure more will pop into my head as I still decompress from our trip. And, of course, Brian and Colleen may want to add some. Brian? Colleen?


Jessica said...

Yes, Ticino is like a different world. I had the same conversation with a coworker yesterday... he said, 'Es ist wie ein anderes Land...' or it is like another land.. or country. Not sure... but either way, strange that everyone feels that way... ahh, what a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

The french bars have no problem filing up your pitcher from home for take-away sangria.

And they allow their children to run around 30 metres away, unknowingly. Until they realise they are about to venture down a hidden tunnel. Then they tell them to come back to the table.

That's all for now :)

mrsmac said...

Jessica- So funny! Yes, it definitely felt like another land!

Colleen- Yea, that mom that let her kids run and climb all over the place was crazy! I like my sangria as much as the next person (have I mentioned that yet?) but Marion won't be climbing into a tunnel so I can have one!