Thursday, July 24, 2008

The thing about gas prices

Such a complex debate/discussion/whatever. I can only comment on my observations as a person who buys gas. So take this at face value.

Every now and then I turn on CNN here and, usually, the discussion is centered around the rising gas prices in the US.

I can't say that I'm surprised, the discussion has been going on for quite some time now. And I was definitely in shock over the $4/gallon gas I was buying before I left the States.

Then I moved to Europe and I saw 1.98 displayed at gas stations near us. Score!

Not so much. That's 1.98CHF per liter.

I'll do the conversion.

That equates to $7.25 per gallon. Almost double what I was paying in the States, yikes!

Then there's the case of availability here in Europe.

The first time I went to go get gas I was confused as to what to buy. Sitting in front of me were three options: 91, 95, and diesel. Where's the 87?

Even worse, on our recent roadtrip, there were only two options at some of the gas stations we stopped at: gas and diesel.

The lack of options put into perspective for me the availability of gas in the US. There is a gas station on practically every corner, all serving up the same variety of gas. And I can't recall the last time I saw a gas station closed in the States because it ran out of gas.

That variety and availability at $4 per gallon. Not too shabby.

Intrigued by all of this, I decided to do some quick googling. I came up with this recent CNN article. Interesting article. It lists the United States as one of the nations with the cheapest places to buy gas. Not that that makes the rising prices an easier pill to swallow. And, sure, there are a lot of other factors here at work, cost of living, taxes, etc. But interesting, nonetheless.


Jessica said...

We are in the market for a car and I am having a hard time swalling the fact that owning a car in Switzerland is going to be a very, very expensive endeavor... and then there is the gas! :)

Jessica said...

HAHA... I mean swallowing. Wait, maybe swalling is a word.


Have a great weekend!

mrsmac said...

haha jessica! oh the cars. when we came over here we though, "ohhh we'll get a BMW or mercedes, they'll be cheap in europe!"


the saving grace of all of this is that we don't drive nearly as much here as we did at home.

good luck on your car hunt!