Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My daughter will eat protein

If it is grilled and slathered with barbeque sauce.

While in Munich, I found Heinz Classic Barbeque Sauce. I bought a bottle since we had not been able to find any in Switzerland.

So yesterday I picked up a package of chicken and Brian marinated them overnight.

I was excited. I love barbeque chicken. But I was also a little anxious. Marion hasn't been eating a lot of protein lately. And I was making broccoli to go with the chicken. Dinner had the potential to be disastrous.

She surprised me though. The chicken had only been on the grill for a couple of minutes before she started begging to eat. Finally they were done and she was pawing at the chicken. So I cut some pieces off and she gobbled it up and asked for more. She ate an entire chicken breast.

I asked her to wait for me outside while I ran to get some napkins to clean her off. I came back with napkins to see Marion sucking on the chicken breast bone!

This wasn't even dinner. It was too early. So we went to play on the playground a bit, coming back a half hour later to eat. Well, eat a little bit I figured. Surely she wouldn't eat much since she had already eaten a chicken breast.

She ate two chicken legs and two plates of broccoli! I think we found a new favorite meal. Dependant on frequent trips to Munich or mail order barbeque sauce of course.

Loving the chicken.

Nasty hands.
Coming after Mommy with nasty hands!


Hoppy said...

Yup, she definitely takes after Brian in this department!!!! We'll have to have Mom bring over some sauce for you. Love to all.

Lisa said...

Haha! Definitely the face (and hands) of a bbq chicken lover!

Grammie said...

Too cute. And too funny.
Sounds like another growth spurt coming on.

Hope you weren't wearing white Megs...:)

Love to all

Anonymous said...

Hoppy and Grammie,

If you are going to bring Barbecue Sauce, Brian would like to recommend the sauce sold at the little place with a Pig on the Roof.... You guys know exactly what I am talking about.


Opa said...

I absolutely laughed at loud. Ask Brian how rare that is. Those we wonderfull picture.

By the way, what is this "barbecue sauce?" Is it similar to "abooo" I don't think Marion understands "barbecue sauce."

mrsmac said...

Hoppy - yes please!

Lisa- Totally. She loved it!

Grammie- She already looks taller. Growing so fast. And not wearing white, thank goodness!

Brian- You have an addiction.

Opa- Thanks about the pictures!