Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to School

We've been discussing whether or not to enroll Marion in a daycare, playgroup, or preschool since we arrived in Switzerland. She loved her last daycare setting and seems to really miss being around other kids. Every time we hear kids playing or see people on the street Marion yells "Friends!" and runs in the direction of the voices. To say she is a social being would be an understatement.

Two of our neighbors, German expats with kids around the same age as Marion, recently recommended a Spielgruppe run by another neighbor of ours. A Spielgruppe is a Swiss playgroup that isn't as structured as a preschool but provides socialization for the kids. No English is spoken at this group, it is a Swiss group. The neighbors mentioned that it is a very popular group since the woman who runs it does a fantastic job. They were doubtful she'd have space but said it couldn't hurt to ask.

This evening I went to my neighbors flat, knocked on her door, and introduced myself. She didn't speak a lot of English but, somehow, we were able to communicate. I think. I believe I signed Marion up for two mornings a week. She's going to send me all of the paperwork. Then I'll have someone translate for me to get all the details. You'd never do business like this in the US, would you? Anyway, she was a very nice woman and she seemed to enjoy Marion. I got a good feeling from her and am excited for Marion to have a group again.

So Marion will start the Spielgruppe after five weeks, the summer holiday in Switzerland. And pretty soon after that I'm sure she'll be teaching Brian and I Swiss German.

Hmmm, I should probably spend the next five weeks learning German. Can't have a two year old showing me up!


Hoppy said...

That sounds like a great idea! Good luck... hope it works out!

Opa said...

That sounds incredible! Marion will love it! She will learn from it plus have a great time with the other kids. She may even succeed in teaching them some English (OK, the US equivalent of English.)

After all, she is the princess of the world. I am sure they will take her orders just like everyone else ( ;-) )

Jorge said...

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mrsmac said...

Hoppy- I hope so too!

Opa- No kidding, I wonder what she will do when she trys to boss these kids around and they don't know what she is saying!