Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleep disorientation, not just for adults

Getting Marion out of bed is one of my favorite things to do. She is incredibly happy to see whoever comes to get her out of her crib.

But waking her up from a sound sleep is another story. You never quite know how she is going to react. We do it anyway, though, to make sure she sleeps at night.

So when she was still sleeping at 4 pm today, I went in to wake her up. This time, the sound of the door opening was enough to wake her up.

She flipped onto her back, wiped her face, sat straight up and exclaimed, "Mommy, hey! HEY!"

I replied, "Hi honey, how are you?"

That's when she looked up at me and asked, "What am I doing Mommy?"



grammie said...

So cute...I can just picture her doing that and you just smiling...

Lots of Love,

Hoppy said...

Funny... I ask myself the same question at least three times a day!! :)

mrsmac said...

Grammie- It was really cute!

Hoppy- Go see a doctor, stat!