Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fist of Zen

Brian and I happened upon this show by chance last night. We currently have free cable and, as a result, only have two English speaking channels: CNN and MTV.

While I am happy that those 15 hostages were freed from FARC in Colombia, I can only hear the story so many times. I refuse to believe nothing else is happening in this world. But it is a popular story on CNN at the moment.

So I turned on MTV. After zoning out to some reality dating shows, I noticed a show where five guys were hurting themselves had come on.

Since I had missed the beginning of the show I didn't know what it was called. But these guys appeared to be torturing themselves while a Master gave them advice. They had to complete a variety of tasks, including allowing themselves to be hit with bread loaves in a sling shot or being hit in the face with raw fish.

Another episode came on after the first one and I found out the show is called Fist of Zen. A show out of the UK according to IMDB.

It was pretty hilarious, especially since these guys have to complete all of the stunts in silence. Some people I knew in college definitely came to mind. I'm not going to names any names though.

Fun stuff. Thank goodness only two shows were on. I could have probably watched it all night.

And that's what happens when you only have two English television shows and nothing else to do.


Jessica said...

We watched this craziness as well when we were staying at the temporary apartment and were limited to the two stations. I have to admit, sometimes it is pretty darn hilarious! MTV is great for those dating shows too like Date my mom and the one where the parents try to find their son/daughter a new boyfriend/girlfriend. I couldn't get enough... then we got cable and the recording box and I've gone to town with taping everything.

Poor MTV... doesn't get any love anymore! ;)

Susan May said...

Does your television have dual language selection? Some of the Italian and French channels (and even Zwei) broadcast some of their programming in the channel it was originally recorded in, AND the dubbed channel ... this has helped me tremendously (although most of the shows are re-runs, but who cares?)

I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way.

mrsmac said...

Jessica- Isn't it? I just turned MTV on hoping to see another show. Next is on right now, but maybe later!

Susan- I'm not sure. I haven't done anything beyond flipping through the channels. Although we haven't subscribed to cable yet so maybe not? And thanks about the blog!