Sunday, July 6, 2008

Munich, Germany: July 4 (Day Three)

Elizabeth and I decided to check out the Residenz Museum and Treasury on Friday morning.
First stop once inside was the Treasury. Wow were these items gorgeous. I would tell you the history of them, but Marion wouldn't let me listen to the guide video. I was confident she would like looking at the jewelry and other items. Instead, she wasn't in the mood to be confined to the museum stroller. So we didn't spend as much time in there as I would have liked. But I did get the chance to take some pictures. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

After the Treasury, we headed into the museum. We were warned about a significant amount of stairs in the museum so we ditched the stroller on the way in.

Our first room was a covered porch area. Again, I wish I remembered the details about the rooms we saw. But I was keeping an eye on Marion most of the time and didn't get the background on things. So instead I just focused on keeping her under control and interested in what we were looking at.

The covered porch area had several lactating fountains.
Some worked better than others.

Marion was being good and was listening (for the most part) throughout the museum. However, I was still on edge. The looks some of the museum people gave her walking around unrestrained made it difficult for me to relax.

One female employee in particular stunned me. We walked into what was probably a ballroom and Marion went immediately for the sign pole near the doorway pointing tourists in the right direction. Last time I checked that wasn't an antique. But the woman came running over to her and told her to stop (which I was doing anyway, she was right on my heels). I got Marion off the pole and turned around. The woman was still there. She asked me why I didn't have her in a stroller. I mentioned all of the stairs in the museum and said I preferred to have her walk. She shook her head and walked away.

Marion and I left the woman and walked down some stairs (just the first of many) and into the ballroom portion. I mentioned to Marion that this was where the princesses danced and asked her if she wanted to dance like a princess. Of course she did and she started to spin.
So precious.

After spinning Marion decided to sit down on some of the stairs. So she sat for a little bit. And then I looked up to see the same woman walking toward us. Seriously, for sitting on stairs? We left before she got to us. I didn't want to hear her reasoning as to why we couldn't sit on stairs.

The rest of the museum was gorgeous of course. My favorite room was the cabinet of porcelain and minatures. The walls were covered with gold leafings and shelves with blue and white porcelain vases. I didn't get a picture unfortunately, I was carrying Marion at that point. All that separated the tourists from the antiques was a rope. I saw bankruptcy for Brian and I if she got past it. I did, however, find this picture in Lynn's Picasa page.
Thanks Google and Lynn, whoever you are!

After the Residenz Museum we decided to stop at the Frauenkirche on our way back to the hotel.

Pretty church with an interesting legend.
There is a black footprint on the floor near the entrance to the church. Legend says that it is the Devil's footprint from where he stood and ridiculed the builder for not installing any windows in the church. In fact, from this point in the church you can not see any of the windows on either side of the church because they are blocked by columns.

We looked around the church, took some pictures, and lit a candle.
Then we had to head back to the hotel. Time to check out.

Check out was a breeze, getting our things and kids out to our car was not. When we arrived back at the hotel there was a Mercedes parked out front. 45 minutes later when I pulled my car up to pack our things, the Mercedes was still there blocking access to the hotel. So I parked illegally, on the sidewalk, and prayed I wouldn't get a ticket or hit.

I complained to the front desk only to have them shrug their shoulders. Definitely a different set of rules than the guy had told me when I first arrived!.

Anyway, we packed up the car and headed to the train station to drop Elizabeth and Will off. They were taking a train to Berlin to meet up with Elizabeth's husband. After saying goodbye, Marion and I started on our drive back to Switzerland.

The drive home was pretty uneventful, similar to our drive to Munich. Just with more whining and yelling from Marion.

Until I drove through a checkpoint however. I was waved over to the shoulder by the police. Then came the German. I asked him if he spoke English and he did, asking me for my license and car information. I gave it to him and he walked away.

He quickly came back with a booklet opened to English describing my violation. Apparently, when driving through Austria, you need to purchase a toll sticker.

I hadn't done this for two reasons. First, I had no idea I was in Austria. And second, I just wasn't aware of this practice!

Unfortunately it was a 120 euro fine. I told him I didn't have that kind of cash on me. He kindly informed me that the took credit cards.

What a relief.

So I gave him my credit card and just sat there, shaking my head, as he walked away.

He then waved me over since the card requires a pin number. So I took the opportunity to ask about this toll sticker. He said they can be purchased at a petrol station once you enter the country or the customs stop point. Then he added that there were signs to tell me this.

I'd be willing to bet money that those signs are in German. But I bit my tongue.

The rest of the drive home consisted of more screaming from Marion and a phone call to let Brian know that I had gotten our first ticket and that we were in Austria (who knew!). And finally, some moments of quiet, as Marion fell asleep 45 minutes from the house.


Grammie said...

Love seeing our little princess dancing in the beautiful ballroom. Munich looks amazing...I'll have to put that on my list :)

So Switzerland isn't the only place where you have to pay a driving violation on the spot,...That was a hefty fine. Glad they took credit cards. We should start that practice in the US. Would be interesting to see the results.

Glad you and Princess Marion had a wonderful time....

Lots of Love,

Hoppy said...

Looks like a beautiful city!!! Glad you had a good time!