Monday, July 7, 2008

Becoming bilingual

Not me, my daughter.

Today one of our neighbors gave her a piece of candy. And, as usual, I asked her what she was supposed to say in return.

And she said, "Danke schön!"

I love it.


lisa said...

That's fantastic! She is lucky - growing up bilingual is something she'll be thankful for.

caitlin said...

Ooooh I wish I could see euro-Marion in action!

Mom2Cam...Wife2Ger said...

that is great!!!!! shes so smart :-)

Hoppy said...

Great! And you've put the umlaut over the "o".... you're learning also!!! Love to all.

mrsmac said...

Lisa- I hope it stays with her.

Caitlin- I'll try to catch it on video :-)

Sandra- She's crazy. Now saying thank you in German more than English. I hope she doesn't forget English!

Hoppy- I have to admit I copied and pasted it. I have no idea how to type with the umlaut on my computer!