Friday, August 8, 2008

Stroller Search 2008 has come to an end

Today my friend Katie and I had plans to go into Zurich. She has been here for a year and was going to show me the town. But we woke up to clouds and, unsure about the weather, we changed our plans.

We decided to go shopping instead. And, since she knows I yearn for a stroller that can handle the gravel pathways of Switzerland, she decided to show me Babyhaus. They have a large selection of strollers available to see, try, etc. Extra bonus: it is located in Dietlikon, right down the street from Ikea.

We arrived and headed straight for the second floor. And my goodness was Katie right. Half of the showroom floor was dedicated to strollers. They were everywhere: Bugaboos, Maclarens, Baby Joggers, among others. It was packed with merchandise. Perfect to try something out before you buy.

There was a particular stroller brand I've been eyeing so we headed straight for them, the Phil and Ted's buggies. Babyhaus had two out of the three Phil and Ted's buggies I've been considering: the Sport and Vibe. Another model, the Dash, is a recent addition to the line.

I tried out the Sport and it pretty much fulfilled my expectations: large tires, smaller footprint, felt smooth pushing it. Then we tried the foot brake. Man was that a pain. Not so bad to get the brake down with one foot, but I had to use two hands to get that sucker off.

But, like I mentioned, I've been eyeing these strollers for awhile. So, I know that the Dash version is basically a luxury version of the Sport model. Meaning, it has a hand brake instead of the annoying foot brake among other upgrades.

So that was that. I left the store determined I needed the Dash. And, when I got home, I ordered one. Isn't it pretty?

After Babyhaus, we headed over to Ikea. There, as usual, I bought things that were not on my list when I went into the store but, when inside, I decided I needed. Typical.

After Ikea and lunch in their packed restaurant (obviously you don't beat the crowds at 11:30 am, note to self), we headed home for naps.

And now I wait for my stroller. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, it's pretty :)


Jessica said...


Ps. If we ever meet up, let's not go to IKEA. It would be a very expensive adventure. I am exactly the same!!! It is just all too tempting.

On that note, were the new cataloges out yet? I think they are due out on the 18th... yes, I am a true fan. ;)

Susan May said...

I love Red ... it makes your stroller look extra snazzy. And very Swiss! Good choice.

It's agreed - Ikea is a special play land for us ex-pats!

Lindsay said...

love the new stroller, i want one.

rösti said...

How did the stroller work out? Did you order it from Bebehaus? Do you think it works for your needs - is it easy to get around town, grocery, etc? Is it light enough to fold into the car? Thanks!!

mrsmac said...

rosti- Sadly I have not received the stroller yet. It is in the USA at the moment and I won't be able to get it until December. The price I paid for getting it significantly cheaper than what they are here in Zurich. However, Bebehaus has a great selection if you want to go try them out, I was in awe of all of the strollers there!