Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me too!

This morning (Tuesday, August 5th) was Marion's usual playgroup. We headed out the door after a slow start and were finally on our way to run an errand and get to our playgroup.

First stop was the Drogerie. After searching online last night I was reminded that I should be taking prenatal vitamins, specifically folic acid.

I arrived at the Drogerie after a short walk and asked for the English speaking person in the store. She came over and I asked for prenatal vitamins. I was met with a blank stare. I then mentioned folic acid. Another blank stare. Next I tried pregnancy vitamins. That triggered something in her mind and she walked to the back wall and grabbed Acide folique Streuli.

I bought a box of one hundred 200-micrograms tablets for 8 CHF. The recommended daily dosage of folic acid for pregnant women varies from 400 to 800-micrograms; however, typical prenatal vitamins include 1000-micrograms of folic acid. I figured five tablets a day until I reach my first doctors appointment should do the trick.

After we left the Drogerie, we walked to our playgroup. We were enjoying our time with our friends when one of them announced, "I'm horrible with secrets. I wanted to let you all know that I'm pregnant!"

My jaw felt like it hit the floor and I started giggling. I had not told family and friends back home but felt compelled to blurt out, "Me too!"

Then, from across the room, another friend said "No way!?!? Me too!"

We are all due within two weeks of each other. How amazing is that?

Now, normally we wouldn't share this information this early with anyone. But I've found you form a bond with other moms here. We are all in the same boat and therefore have become quick friends. So, in this case, it didn't seem odd at all that we were sharing this with each other.

Now we can enjoy our pregnancies together. We are so excited!

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Susan May said...

I'm glad you have a community of Moms to share the next 7 or so months with ... and of course what comes after! Speaking as an ex-pat with 3 adult children back in the U.S., I think it really helps, when settling into a new (foreign) setting, to have a little one - like your little Miss. I at least have my dog with me, who grabs a fair bit of attention and smiles! As always, thanks for blogging.