Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the hunt for a doctor

With baby number two on the way, it was obvious I needed a doctor.

I talked with friends and polled my local Yahoo group. Two doctors in my town were recommended over and over again. One a female, the other a male. Both came with good recommendations so I took a stab at the female since that was what I had back in the States.

So, I called the doctor's office the first business day after my positive pregnancy test (a Monday morning, same day I wrote this). I gave them all my information and was told that their office does first pregnancy appointments at 6 weeks, which would have been mid August for me. Then she mentioned that the doctor was on vacation and asked to put me on hold. When she came back on the line she told me that they wouldn't be able to get me in until September and then said "You should find another doctor here."

I was stunned. Who turns down a new patient? I'm sure they had their reasons but it wasn't what I was expecting. So I just responded, "Uh, Okay!" and got off the phone.

I then dialed the second doctor's office. I was told by a friend that he was older and has delivered 7,000 babies here. Sounds qualified to me!

Anyway, I got a busy message (both in Swiss German and English - good sign!) that said to try back again in 15 minutes. Not 15 seconds went by when my phone rang- it was his office calling back. Thankfully he was NOT on vacation! But, unfortunately, his office doesn't see pregnant patients until the 8th week. So, I made an appointment for August 27, gave them my information, and got off of the telephone.

My positive interaction with his office (especially compared to the blow off I received from the first office) made me feel that this was the doctor I was supposed to see. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and this definitely felt like one of those times.

*Written August 4, 2008.

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