Monday, August 4, 2008

On vacation

When the Swiss go on vacation, they go. My favorite bakery and the second hand shop are closed due to vacation.

And they aren't closed for days. They are closed for weeks. A month to be exact.

This just doesn't happen in the US. At least not in Baltimore. First of all, people do not go on vacation for a month. And second of all, if they do go on vacation, they leave someone else in charge of their shop and keep it open.

I'm really just stunned by this phenomen. People seem to have vacated the town. It feels empty.

I can't wait for everyone to come back.


Lisa said...

I know. That happens all over Europe - August is just dead. Sorry your favorite places are gone for the month! It really underlines what a sucky amount of vacation we get in the US.

mrsmac said...

Lisa- no kidding! i wonder when they'll implement month long vacations in the US? :-)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing, and it is all over Europe, especially in August. I recieved 28 vacation days the first day I walked on to my job in London. And my supervisors didn't think that was enough vacation time!! ~ Erinn

Hoppy said...