Friday, August 22, 2008

Movie Night: The Dark Knight

I went out to see The Dark Knight with some of Brian's coworkers on Wednesday night. Brian went out for sushi with a client.

First up was dinner at Papa Joe's. Or, as I soon noticed, the only restaurant I've been to in Zurich with 'American' food. It was a welcome change of pace after having been here for two and a half months. Sometimes familiar food just hits the spot, know what I mean?

Anyway, I had the fajitas. They were yummy. And the rest of the food at our table looked great. I'm definitely going back and soon. The ribs looked so freaking good. I'm surprised Brian hasn't been there yet. I think he would like a good rib and french fry platter.

After dinner we headed over to Corso 1-4. At least that is what I think the movie theater was called. The website says otherwise but I didn't plan the evening so I'm not the person to ask!

The theater was awesome. As always, a different experience than the States. First, when you purchase tickets, you purchase a specific seat. So no need to get their early to save a seat. You already purchased your seat. And you can print out the ticket at home ahead of time. So no waiting in ticket lines.

The seats were leather and pretty comfortable. There is a bar in the lobby so you can purchase a beer, wine, or mixed drink to enjoy during your movie.

Also of note, there was an intermission in the middle of the movie. So, right in the middle of the movie the screen turned red and we had a 15 minute break.

And just when I thought the experience of going to a movie couldn't get more interesting, I went to the bathroom and found the line to the men's room longer than the women's room. I kid you not.

Okay, so to the reason we went. The movie. Great movie, very dark. The voices from the Joker and Batman kind of annoyed me but I got past it quickly. Pay attention at the beginning of the movie- it starts with the story really fast. I recommend it. And I'll be suprised if Heath Ledger doesn't win an Oscar post-humously.

So, a great night out. And thanks to Shannon for planning it!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to see it this weekend!

PS- it's post-humously.

mrsmac said...

Darn and I even Googled it to make sure. Bad Google!

De Campo BC said...

Fajitas? (sigh) There’s nothing like the comforting effects of good ole American Cuisine.

Lisa said...

I love it when there's intermission in movies. I like the break, and I always have to use the bathroom midway through anyway. And yay for the line for men being longer than for women! Yay Swiss!

Anonymous said...




that movie was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

mrsmac said...

DCB- Yea, I know fajitas aren't really classified as American. But they tasted like Chili's, and that's pretty darn American.

Lisa- I had never had the intermission before. Do they do this somewhere in the States?

Colleen- Glad you liked it!