Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oerlikon Market

The rain gave way to sun today. However, it was still chilly. It felt like a football day. Unfortunately, no American football to see here though.

So we decided to check out the Oerlikon Market. We decided this after a late start this morning so we rushed to get ready and out of the house to catch the train. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the process. Oh well, an excuse to go back and get pictures for all of you!

Anyway, we arrived around 10:15 and walked out of the train station. The website had said the market was close to the train station so I expected to see it immediately. Instead we saw a Starbucks.

I ran in to get a Grande Chai Tea latte and pondered a blueberry muffin. I decided against the muffin- they wanted 3.90CHF for it! After I paid I asked the guy behind the counter (who spoke English, he did work in a Starbucks!) if he could tell me where the market was. A look of pure confusion came over his face. I immediately thought, "Shoot, how could I get the directions wrong?" Luckily the woman behind me told me the market was just around the corner. I thanked her and left wondering how the Starbucks guy did not know this.

I left Starbucks with my warm latte, found Brian and Marion, and we headed to the market. Wow. It was larger than the market in Baltimore. Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, meats, chicken, pasta, bread, etc. You get the picture. Lots of stuff. Big difference between this market and Baltimore's was the lack of prepared food. Ah, but we didn't care. Lots of yummy stuff to take home. I'm partically looking forward to the summer pasta we will have for dinner tonight! Oh, and the red peppers stuffed with goat cheese, yum!

We left the market and still had some time to explore. So we decided to stop in Zurich at Hauptbahnhof and walk around a bit. There we found an indoor sand soccer field. Yes, set up inside the train station. Crazy right? Apparently there are games all weekend. We sat for a few minutes watching the game. Marion loved it, saying "They play soccer!" We haven't told her it is called football here yet.

After the excitement at the train station, I decided to show Brian the Mexican food store near the train station, El Maiz. I've been told a lot about this store and, on Monday, Sandy showed me where it was. Sadly, it was closed. So we tried again today and it was open! We walked out with tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, and a Dos Equis for Brian.

We returned to Hauptbahnhof and caught the fast train home. As we were leaving the train station, we walked past a take away food stand. Brian looked over and said, "Döner kebabs, yummmmmmmmmm." Having never had a Döner kebab, I was intrigued. So we stopped for lunch. And it was gooooooooooood. Kind of like a Gyro.

So we had our yummy lunch at the Villa Seerose playground on the water, and then fed the ducks on our way home. Then, as you all probably know by now, it was naptime. Brian and Marion napped while I tried to find Michael Phelps 100m fly race online. I found it. Great race! And now Marion is up, she has great timing. Brian's still sleeping though- that means I'll get to throw Marion on him to wake him up. It's the best way to wake him, I promise.

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sounds neat! can't wait to check it out!