Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got stopped by the Police this morning

Or should I say Polizei? That is what it says on their cars.

Anyway, I was out to run an errand and got stopped. The policeman who came to my car didn't speak any English but, luckily, one of the policemen with him did. The problem?

My fog lights were on.

I didn't even know they were on! I'm still learning my car. So I turned them off and went on my way.

Can you imagine the Baltimore City Police having time to stop someone for having their fog lights on when it isn't foggy?

Governor O'Malley and Mayor Dixon can only dream of that day.


ToadMama said...

I might have just started laughing hysterically at that one! What silliness. Or was it them being nice? Hmmm.

mrsmac said...

Kathy- Not sure! I was just glad to not get a ticket!