Friday, August 29, 2008

She's a natural!

This morning we went to Ikea. We found our way to the lobby where there was a photoshoot going on. The sign looked like it said it was a complimentary shoot for Ikea Family members, but it was also in German. And we know how my German is.

So I flagged an Ikea person down and asked. And yep, it was a free shoot for Ikea Family members. And, if you did get your picture taken, you got a copy of an Ikea catalog with your picture on the front.

Cool, right?

Well I thought so. So I signed us up and, when it was our turn, got Marion out of the shopping cart.

Marion ran over to the set and started jumping on the couches. I moved to behind the camera so at least her head would be turned in the correct direction.

After the photographer was done, the Ikea employee told me to come back in 50 minutes to get our picture. Interesting, in the US they probably would have said to come back in an hour.

Either way, we did some shopping and came back after we were done to find this:

The girl's a natural. Maybe I should get her into modeling?


Lisa Kidd said...

LOVE it!! The girl's got talent:)

Hoppy said...

Are you kidding me??? That is so funny!!! She looks GREAT!!!!! Who taught her that flirtatious look? Dad, look out!!!

caitlin said...

HAHAHAH! What a ham. She is totally making love to the camera.

caitlin said...

On second might be innappropriate to use the phrase "making love" in reference to a 2-year old. Ahhh you know what I meant!

grammie said...

Ohh How adorable. She is a natural. What a beautiful smile.

From gerber baby to modeling pro....and only
2. Look out Mom and Dad :)

Anonymous said... out!!!!!

this is too cute!

Jessica said...

How cute! And to think that there will be double the amount of cuteness genes running around in 8 months is almost too much to bear!

Lisa said...

You could, because she is so incredibly cute and likes the camera. The only thing I fear that child modeling is a creepy JonBenet-ish world, and Marion is so fresh and lovely.

And as for Jessica's comment...?!!

Anonymous said...

ps-she has gotten SO BIG!!!!

mrsmac said...

Thanks all!!! This catalog will definitely be a keeper :-)

Sarah said...

What a cute little swiss miss! I wouldn't be surprised if Ikea calls to book her for their next catalog shoot :)