Saturday, August 30, 2008

So I wrote too soon

The past few days have been really hard, morning sickness wise. Wednesday night I got worse and it has just been downhill from there.

When we first found out we were pregnant, Brian and I were both hopeful that this pregnancy would be better than our first go 'round. My morning sickness started at the 6 week 1 day mark with Marion and it didn't stop until the day I gave birth. I was so sick it was awful. I distinctly remember this conversation with a coworker (at that time) and friend that pretty much sums up my experience with my first pregnancy.

Mike: "So, you haven't complained about being sick lately. Are you feeling better?"
Me: "No, I've just gotten used to puking everyday."

Yea. Puking everyday, something I definitely would have liked to avoid this time around.

I was dreading the 6 week 1 day mark with this pregnancy for this reason. And when it came, I was only hit with slight food aversions and nausea. Not too bad.

But it was gotten worse. Significantly worse. I haven't been able to keep food or liquid down for the past 24 hours.

So this week has been difficult. Add to that a curious toddler and, well, it gets interesting.

On Wednesday night I was sick. Marion came over to me, put her hand on my back, and asked "Are you alright Mommy?" Awww, so sweet. I picked up my head to thank her and was greeted with shots of water from Marion and her SpongeBob water gun. Not so sweet.

Yesterday was spent near the toilet after our return from Ikea. After her nap, Marion seemed to find my predicament hysterical. She had a lot of fun bending her head over the sink, mimicking my sounds and laughing. Later, she made dry-heaving noises in the living room and than ran to the bathroom to pray to the porcelain goddess. She's a riot.

I think part of the problem is that I don't like a lot of the food here. I have cravings for things that I can't get here. For example, last night I really wanted The Noodle Company's mac and cheese. Uh, can't get that here and can't ship it over. So when I try to eat something I'm not craving, it doesn't sit well. I'm basically screwed. Better start craving weisswursts or something.

So, needless to say, my goal today is to keep food down. Brian is being a champ, basically taking care of everything else. I am useless these days. So he is Super Dad, working during the day and taking care of Marion in the evenings and weekends. And then threatening to ship me back to the States to my family if I don't get better. I'm pretty sure he is joking about that.


Anonymous said...

HAHA, I love the fact that she thinks it's funny! That's hysterical!

On the other hand, I hope you get better real soon, that doesn't sound like so much fun. Have Brian ship you here-we've got a TON of food you can eat! Or, better yet, I can ship you something? It's probably easier than shipping it from the states....easy mac? oreos?

Lisa said...

Oh, yikes. Sorry about that. That sounds immensely, completely, and utterly terrible.

grammie said...

Ahh..Meg. I was praying that this would be better and easier on you. I think Marion will keep you cute.
Hang in there..
Wish I could be there to help.
Love to all :)

Susan May said...

ahhhh - Noodles and Company - thanks for the memories. I'm sorry you are so sick. At least you have some comic relief to take your mind off things. Your daughter sounds like a hoot.

Anonymous said...



mrsmac said...

thanks everyone! i'm hoping after my sight seeing tour of our local hospital all will be better!!!

Mike said...

Oh No! Not the morning sickness again! :-(

I remember just like it was yesterday your response to that question. Not something you'd want to get used to. Hopefully you won't have to this time.

Marion was so obviously worth the discomfort though, wasn't she?


caitlin said...

Noodles and Co. mac and cheese is possibly the most RANDOM craving I've ever heard of!

Marion stories make me laugh out loud in the office while I'm reading. I love that she shot you with a water gun while you were sick. I bet she and Brian high-fived each other after that.