Monday, August 4, 2008

Still alive, just enjoyed our weekend!

We enjoyed our weekend so much so that Brian, Marion, and I were all pooped at the end of each day!

We had planned on going to the badi again on Friday, but the weather was against us. It rained all day long. So we spent the day playing inside with Marion and organizing our apartment. The apartment is still a mess now, but an organized mess.

Friday night we went to a barbeque at Jo and Christian's house. We met Jo and Christian at the going away party for the family who lived in our flat before us. They have twin daughters around Marion's age and they all enjoy playing together.

So we had dinner at their house with another couple that is friends of theirs. We had a fantastic time eating and talking while the kids played. So much so that we didn't get home until 8:45! Marion was up late but it was worth it.

Saturday morning the weather had improved enough for us to go to the badi. The weather was partly cloudy so it varied between chilly and warm depending on the cloud and sun situation. Marion didn't mind. We spent our time at the lake portion of the badi since the kid's pool was not turned on. The lake water was 24 deg C and felt fantastic.
While swimming in the lake, some swans showed up.

They didn't seem to mind we were there. They just kept swimming!

My friend Katie, her husband, and son joined us halfway through the morning. No one really swam but Marion, she was oblivious to any dips in the temperature. Well, except for when Brian got in to swing Marion around.

We left the badi to go home for lunch. Then it was naptime for Marion and errand time for Brian. Brian had talked to the owner of a local bike company the previous weekend. Fortunately, the owner had just repaired a used bike that was suitable for Brian's body frame. He didn't have it last weekend so they agreed to meet in the shop this weekend so Brian could take a look at the bike.

So off Brian went. He wasn't gone long before he came back home, announcing he was now the proud owner of a bike. The bike stayed behind for some last minute retuning. He picked up the bike later that afternoon.

Now that we had the bike, we needed a bike seat and helmet for Marion. So after Marion's nap we headed towards Toys R Us, where we had seen a carseat the previous weekend.

Halfway up the A3, I realized that Sihlcity (the large shopping center I had located during the car inspection trip) was a lot closer and probably had what we needed. So we stopped there first, hoping for the best.

Sihlcity is a massive shopping center, for Switzerland. It isn't as big as the Towson or Short Hills malls, but it is overwhelming when you are used to the shops in the center of town. What struck Brian and I first was how clean everything was. The place was spotless. And, on the top floor, was an Ochsner Sports!

We walked into Ochsner, hoping for the best. And sure enough, they had a seat and a variety of helmets. A nice employee helped us find a helmet that fit Marion correctly. We went through four helmets before we found one we were happy with. Surprisingly, it wasn't the most expensive. A first!

After Ochsner, we wandered around Sihlcity. We stopped in CoopCity (massive, will have to go back) and took note of the stores in the mall (toy store, pet store, etc). Then we noticed the shopping outside of the mall and headed in that direction. There we found a Burger King, H&M, a movie theater, a spa, and an Asian restaurant that also sold sushi. Yay!

After wandering around, it was time to head home for dinner and bed.

The weather on Sunday morning was even better than Saturday. So we decided to head back to the badi. And what a gorgeous morning it was to be at the badi. Sunny, not too chilly when the clouds showed up, and the lake had warmed to 25 deg C. The lake water was warmer than the pool water! We had a great time (again). This time, Brian swam Marion out to a platform floating out in the lake. Marion loved every minute of it.

It was so clear that we could see the other side of the lake clearly. Brian said he could also see the mountains in the distance from the platform on the lake. Truly breathtaking.

So, later that day after Marion woke up from her nap, we decided to go back. We probably killed the novelty of the badi by going as much as we did this weekend. On second thought, nah, no way of that happening. Marion truly loves the water and sand. She built sand castles all afternoon and even went down the slide. I think we found a favorite place.

We ended up having dinner at the badi and then came back home for bath and bed.

A great weekend spent with friends and enjoying the weather. Not much more we can ask for!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. I am super excited about that Sushi was it?

I LOVE the pictures of Brian swinging Marion around in the Badi...her face is just priceless. Pure Joy.

Love you guys

mrsmac said...

colleen- it was so so good. and now a friend recommended a place within walking distance!!!!