Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The fam takes on Mt Rigi (take two)

Brian has been determined to go to Mt Rigi and see the view ever since the first trip was a bust. So on Tuesday, December 23, he took my sisters and parents to the mountain. This time they were prepared though- Brian checked the Mt Rigi webcam ahead of time.

So off they went. Marion and I stayed home. Despite the promise of spectacular views this time, I was determined to stay warm.

The trip was a success! Look how beautiful it was above the clouds.
They still look cold though.
But pretty views nonetheless.
There was even some sledding going on up there. Maybe I'll check it out next winter. Or in the summer, clear views and warm weather sounds good to me!


Hoppy said...

It was a fabulous view, and wasn't that cold!!! Hiking down the mountain to the next station tended to warm us up. But take sunglasses!!!! It was VERY bright. Thanks to Brian for taking us there!

Love to all.

caitlin said...

And I thought the Rockies were incredible last summer!

Susan May said...

I LOVE Rigi - but I confess,I've only been there in the summer!

mrsmac said...

Hoppy- I don't believe you that it wasn't that cold. Look, half of you are drinking coffee up on that mountain top!

Cait- I've always wanted to see the Rockies!

Susan- Now I definitely have to go back when the view is clear, in the summer!