Monday, January 12, 2009

27th week pregnancy appointment

I had another appointment this morning to check on baby 2.0. This appointment was different than the others- it was quick and easy. What a great change of pace!

The baby is healthy, measuring right on schedule, and his head is down. No wonder I feel a lot of kicks along my ribcage.

Everything else is also going well. I'm within all the normal ranges for everything and I've gained 6 kilos since the craziness began. I think that has something to do with my eating habits. After my appointment I went to Jo's house and had three helpings of her salad and quiche. Dear god, I have to stop eating like that.

The doctor also gave me the okay to go to Brian's work sponsored ski weekend in March! With some qualifications of course- that I feel okay, things are going smoothly, and that I don't go up on the ski lifts. Apparently the ski resort we would be going to is at a very high altitude. But I don't care, I just want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course this will probably mean I will go into labor the week before the trip or while on the trip. Hahaha, at least I can prepare and laugh at my horrible luck.


Hoppy said...

Glad to hear that both you and Baby # 2 are doing so well!!! Almost there!!

Love to all

ToadMama said...

Aw, Hoppy reads your Blog, too. Awesome. I'm not sure why that surprises me, cause both of your parents seem like all-around cool folks. Great baby report, by the way. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling much better!

mrsmac said...

Thanks Dad/Hoppy! :-)

Kathy- Thank you too!!! It's nice to not feel like I'm going to puke 24/7, only a little bit of the day. And I guess my parents are alright ;-)