Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This morning, when I went for my usual playgroup at the local Migros grocery store, I noticed a special case out selling some bread. I didn't investigate since there was a long line and I was anxious to get my full of energy toddler to the playground. Plus, I still haven't learned German and that poses problems in situations such as these.

Well, Jessica over at A Swiss Story blog saved the day!

Apparently today is Dreikönigstag, or day of the three kings. Which I can kind of see from the parts that make up the word Dreikönigstag. Baby steps in the German direction...

Anyway, Jess explains the whole thing really well. And now I might just have to head back over to the Migros after Marion's nap to buy some Dreikönigskuchen. Yum!


Lisa said...

Yumm! I hope you get some (although I cannot imagine pronouncing that word)!

mrsmac said...

Ahhh I missed it. I was afraid to go out in the very very cold weather yesterday afternoon. Yep, I'm a sissie. :-)

Grammie said...

Ahhh.. I wish I stayed longer..They look wonderful.
Great way to celebrate.