Thursday, January 29, 2009

I go up the mountain Mommy!

Brian went sledding with Marion, Christian, and Carolina last Monday. I'd tell you which mountain they went to, but I can't remember the name. But I do know it is near Zug, so there you go.

Brian called me when they arrived. Marion wanted to talk, but only briefly. All she told me was, "I go up the mountain Mommy! I go up the mountain with my Daddy!"

I think she was a little excited.

Marion and Carolina ready to get sledding. The beginning of the name of the mountain is on the glass behind them for anyone more knowledgable of the area than I am.
Marion was apparently more interested in eating the snow than sledding at first. Don't worry, we've told her only to enjoy the clean snow.
The sledding hill in the kids area.
Brian said it was gorgeous. And from the pictures, he was right!
Maybe I'll make it out to one of the many mountains around us one of these days.

Marion had a great time and came back with a report of her trip. I love that she is old enough to tell me about her day. She said that she went up the mountain with her Daddy, that her face got wet (from the snow kicking up as they went down the mountain), and that she played in the snow. What more could a 2 year old want?


Hoppy said...

That is too cool!!! What a great way to spend a day with your daughter. Way to go, B!

ToadMama said...

Sled hills never looked that cool when I was a kid. We were happy to get an ice-covered street. And it wasn't even a big hill! Boy, I sure am glad you guys decided to live as ex-pats for a while and get to experience all of this. How awesome!

grammie said...

The girls look so cute... I'll bet they loved that hill...they even had a castle to go through.

Love to all,