Friday, January 30, 2009

In which we are stunned first thing in the morning

Marion managed to sleep in this morning (8:15! 8:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so that meant Brian and I were able to sleep in a bit and take our time getting ready.

So when the doorbell rang at 8:30, we were a little taken aback.

Brian answered it and then came back to inform me that it was the complex inspector asking for the fourth key to our old apartment. Someone is moving in today, we get a refund of two days!

Hahahahaha. Ha.

Finally, it is someone else's problem. With two days to spare. I can hardly believe it.


ToadMama said...

Fabulous! What a nice, unexpected surprise. (-:

Lisa said...

Two days! I can't believe all that time has passed this quickly, actually. And um, two days is better than nothing? I guess?

Hoppy said...

That's really good news! But I'm surprised, considering the efficiency of the Swiss, that you didn't know earlier! Love to all.

Anonymous said...

What a great day for you guys! Congrats!

meghan said...
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mrsmac said...

kathy- definitely a surprise!

lisa- yes, you are right. better than nothing :-)

hoppy- we thought we'd hear something beforehand too!

colleen- thanks!