Monday, January 5, 2009

Baden Thermal Baths

Also known as "Colleen watches Marion so Mommy can go swim in the thermal baths."

The Monday after everyone arrived we decided to check out the thermal baths in Baden. The day before we had walked all over Zurich, checking out the HB Christmas Market and city, so we deserved a break. And my sister Colleen even offered to watch Marion for Brian and I. Double score! No worrying about the crazy, rambunctious toddler ruining the peace and quiet for the other swimmers in Baden.

So off we went. It was a fairly easy drive up to Baden. Most likely because everyone left the city for the holidays.

Anyway, we made it up there without incident, paid our way through, and got our lockers. I immediately noticed that the locker room and shower area was coed. Certainly not separate as I expected. But there were some private changing rooms for use and curtains on the showers. Just threw me for a loop for a second but I quickly recovered and took my pregnant butt into one of those private rooms to change.

After changing it was off to the showers for the pre-swim shower routine. This is a big rule at every pool I've been to in Switzerland. In the US there always is a sign saying it is a rule but no one ever seems to follow it. But the Swiss like rules and everyone follows them. I like it.

Then we made our way to the indoor pool. Um, it was heavenly. The water wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. Just right. And there were chairs and loungers built into the side of the pool with bubble jets to massage your body. Just what my achy pregnant back needed.

Next stop was the outdoor pool. Also very relaxing with jets all over the place. I wish this place was closer. And had daycare.

Finally, I got out of the pool, got my warmed towel from the staff, and headed into the quiet room to relax and read. Certainly something I wouldn't have been able to do had a certain toddler been with us that day.

After we were all done swimming, we got changed and had lunch at the cafe on sight. Food wasn't too bad and it was convenient to say the least.

All in all, it was a fantastic, relaxing morning. The baths are really nice and I believe they also have some saunas at the facility. Since that is a big no-no for me though I can't tell you for sure. But the baths themselves were extremely relaxing and nice. Did I mention it was relaxing? Check them out if you get a chance!


Hoppy said...

The baths were very nice, especially the cylindrical individual jacuzzi in each of the main pools that you could stand in and get massaged with jets 360 degrees. Nice.

mrsmac said...

i somehow missed that dad. now i have an excuse (like i needed one) to go back!

Elizabeth aka Ebeth said...

I swear on Rick Steves' show that included Baden he made a big deal about how the baths are NOT coed. He went with his wife and they had to split up. Oh well....

Nonetheless, I am so jealous!

mrsmac said...

Elizabeth- Maybe it was a different thermal bath house?

Chantal said...

The baths Rick Steve's talks about are in Baden-Baden in Germany.