Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Probably should learn German pretty soon

I received a huge stack of paperwork from the hospital where I plan on giving birth. I assume it is my registration paperwork. I've heard from other mothers here that you have to register with the hospital beforehand so they know who I am, who my doctor is, etc.

I say I assume that this is the registration paperwork because all of it is in German. So I am not entirely sure that is what it is.

All I do know is that it is from the hospital, has my name on it, includes a lot of papers as well as an envelope to send forms back, and is entirely written in German.

I've got a lot of translating to do!


De Campo said...

Don’t sweat it. All you need to do is take a marker and scroll “Take Baby Out” across your stomach in German.

Nehmen Sie Baby!

Reama said...

Scan the forms, send them to my email, and I'll get them translated for you.

Also, what you would need to write across your belly is "Bitte Nehmen Sie das Baby aus." That's the polite imperative form.

Lisa said...

That would stress me out. Does this kind of thing stress you?

mrsmac said...

Brendan- Interesting suggestion. Good thing my doctor speaks English :-) But I'll keep that in mind if I find myself with a different doctor!

Reama- Thanks so much for the offer!!!! A friend here is going to help me go through it all.

Lisa- Totally stresses me out! I try to not let it but the pile of German definitely is overwhelming.

The Blocks said...

oooh, definitely call the hospital and tell them to re-send in english - this is what they did for my non-german speaking a** :)

Susan May said...

The language barrier is probably my biggest source of stress here. Thankfully, chocolate helps to ease my frustration (temporarily)!

rösti said...

Ask if they have the forms in English - you never know, they just might. I am pretty ok with German, but medical care is the one place where I insist on English. PS, just took a GREAT birth class at Hirslanden/Klinik im Park, and it is waaaay cheaper than the Stork, plus your insurance will reimburse you 100chf of it. The website has the info on dates.