Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far. We have had some busy holidays here in Switzerland. My family has come and gone. My mom is gearing up to go home tomorrow after being a huge help for two months. Don't worry, she'll be back in mid-March to help me take care of Marion when this little one comes.

I have a lot to catch up on. I've been enjoying our visitors, venturing out, and attempting to be a functioning member of my family all while neglecting my blog. Feel free to give me a swift kick to my big pregnant bum.

There ya go. That was me on December 23, before we went out for a girls night (my mom, two sisters, and crazy toddler) dinner at a local hotel. I was around 24 weeks pregnant at the time. The look on my face is the result of several things. First, I had put a dress and make up on for the dinner which prompted a lot of "Wow! You look so nice!" comments. This immediately made me wonder what I look like on a typical day. Must be a pretty horrible sight. The word slob comes to mind. Hmmmmmmmmm. Second, my husband was having fun with my SLR camera and clicking away happily. I think I have ten pictures of me in various poses. During this, I was instructed to put my hands under my belly to show just how huge I am.

Hence, the "What the hell is going on here?" look on my face. Note to self: try a bit harder on regular days. Just because I puke every morning isn't a reason to ignore my lipstick. My family should not be as surprised as they were when I put a dress and make up on!

Anyway, I do have a lot to catch up on so keep an eye out for lots of posts this week. And enjoy your new year!


The Blocks said...

ah meghan, you look great! (both in this photo and on a regular basis)! i will let you know when work becomes a thing of the past for me so we can meet up...until then...thanks for the camera links!!

ToadMama said...

Welcome back. We missed you! I was just telling Mike last night that the family must have kept you pretty busy over the holidays. I'm glad to see you looking so chipper.

Stacy said...

You look great! At 31 weeks, I am also feeling not so very into the whole makeup routine!!

mrsmac said...

shannon- thank you! and no problem- enjoy your new camera!

kathy- thanks! they did keep me very busy. lots of rummy games among other things. we get rather competitive with the game. :-)

stacy- another big thank you! i can't tell you how jealous i am that you are already 31 weeks! how are you feeling?

Lisa said...

Exciting! You really look preg! And very nice all dressed up!