Monday, October 6, 2008

Mt Rigi, is that you?

What Brian had planned for us that Saturday was to go see Mt Rigi. Apparently Mt Rigi is a popular place for families since the hiking isn't that hard and the views from the top are spectacular. Brian's colleagues spoke very highly of it and, since the weather was supposed to be a bit warmer, he was going to take all of us there.

On the way there, we noticed clouds. But people had told Brian that Mt Rigi is tall enough that the top is actually above the cloud cover and, no matter what the weather, you can see some great views from up there. They also told him that it doesn't get very cold at the top.

We must be very unlucky people. It was pretty chilly at the top. Plus, this is what we saw.
And this.
And this.
We were supposed to see this.
We walked a bit down and it never got better. So we decided to head back home via Zug for lunch. It was fun, even if we didn't see anything. We'll definitely have to go back sometime, on a clear day.

The next day it was obvious how out of shape I am. My calves hurt for days, all for looking at fog. Oh well, it did get me out of the bathroom for a bit!

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