Monday, October 6, 2008

On the road to Füssen

The day after Mt Rigi, we headed out to Füssen, Germany. We consisted of my mom, grandmother, sister, and Marion. Brian stayed home to nurse a nasty cold and work.

We had rented a minivan for the occasion and boy did that rock. The car was a VW Sharan and, as much as I hate to admit it, it was really nice. Large enough for all of us and our bags and it drove pretty well. I may have a minivan in my future when I get back to the States. Never thought I'd think that, let alone admit it. God, what has happened to me!?!?!?

Anyway, we arrived in Füssen in time for a late nap for Marion. The rest of us relaxed and planned the rest of the trip. We were there primarily to check out two of King Ludwig's castles, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. But Füssen looked like a great town as well so we wanted to learn more about the area.

Side note: I really did not know a lot about Ludwig before we went. Man, that guy is fascinating. Never married, spent his time building castles, and then died under mysterious circumstances after being declared insane and removed from the throne. Interesting stuff.

The rest of Sunday was spent settling in and mapping out our drive to the castles. We did find a really good Italian place for dinner though. That was a lot of fun, especially watching our waiter's reaction to Marion saying, "Danke Shoen!" He loved it. Yep, my kid can be pretty cute.

But then the flood gates opened and everyone in the restaurant got to see overtired Marion. It wasn't pretty so I took her back to the hotel as quickly as I could. She literally jumped into her crib after bathtime she was so tired. Things are definitely easier at bedtime when she doesn't fight sleeping! And that makes Mommy happy. :-)


Erin said...

Glad all of you had a great time! Miss and love you!!

Lisa said...

I have always wanted to see Neuschwanstein! That's awesome! I'm glad to hear you're up and about (this is me checking in after a long absence) and not stuck at home with pregnancy misery!

Anonymous said...

hey....where's the rest of the trip!?

Susan May said...

Hello, I just returned from a visit to the U.S., and thought I'd stop in and see what's up with the Swiss Family Mac ... but you seem to be absent, too!