Monday, May 12, 2008

We like to donate to the state of Maryland.

So much so, we'll continue to give from Switzerland.

Apparently, Maryland is one of the few states that taxes expatriates. Taking up residence in a foreign country for a few years and earning money in a foreign currency doesn't mean squat to them. Since our stay in Switzerland is dependant on Brian's job, the state of Maryland says we can't officially establish a domicile in Switzerland.


So, naturally, we wonder: hey, will we have to pay Swiss taxes? And the answer is yes.

However, we won't have to pay federal taxes, or at least will be paying significantly less than we would if we were living in the US. Thank you Uncle Sam! Enjoy our money Governor O'Malley.

1 comment:

mike said...

I thank you for your contribution to Maryland's coffers which will enable those of us that remain to continue to enjoy the benefits of residing here -

Wait. I don't think that there that many benefits to living here...

Here's an idea - think of your income tax payments to Maryland an exit fee - consider it money well spent!

Maybe you'll get really lucky and MO'M will be on his way out the door by the time you return!