Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Answers to some common questions we get

I realized I never completely explained why we are picking up our lives and moving across the pond, among other things. So here goes, I'm going to try to answer some of the common questions we get. If I miss one of yours, just let me know and I'll answer it!

Why are you moving?
Brian's firm offers international rotations for their employees. We had never really thought about it until he received an email from his firm leadership discussing the benefits of international experience and urging employees to apply for opportunities. Brian forwarded me the email and said he had already said no. I responded, "Why? Looks like fun." That was approximately 1.5 years ago. We discussed it, a lot. Then, when Brian finally applied for a job, several things had to take place before we were approved for the rotation.

How did you get the apartment?
An employee in the group Brian is going to is moving back to the States at the end of May. He emailed Brian letting us know that his apartment was available. We discussed it, saw a video they posted on their blog, and decided to apply. Two days later, we were notified we got the apartment!

Will you work while over there?
Nope, I'm going to try my hand at being a stay at home mom. Partly because I've heard that finding work as a spouse can be difficult because of permit/visa restrictions. A little bit because I know that being an engineer abroad can be completely different than being an engineer in the States. But mostly because I want to explore Europe with a bossy two year old. Glutton for punishment? Probably.

How long will you be there?
Our permit is for two years. So, at the very least, two years.

When will you be back to the US?
Probably around Christmas time. Nothing is booked yet though.

What are you going to do with your stuff?
Mom and Dad have kindly offered their basement for storage of our furniture. Thank god, because storage spaces are expensive!

What are you taking with you?
Clothes, some toys, books, blankets, toiletries, and Brian's golf clubs. All of the important things.

Are you packed?
No. Please refer to the countdown to the right. Gotta get on that.

And Brian just informed me that he is often asked:
Are you bringing your family?
I don't even know what to say. He better be.

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Lisa said...

I was glad to read this. Since I really don't know you, I didn't want to poke into the why's and what's of your move. But I'm happy to know! That's a massive life change in some ways, but I am certain it's going to be a wonderful experience for all of you.