Saturday, May 17, 2008

Purge Cycle #2

We had our second yard sale today. Again, I forgot to take a picture until later, when alot of our stuff had been sold already.
Unfortunately though, at some point during the yard sale, someone walked off with my old 35mm SLR camera I was selling. The camera and the camera bag. Unbelievable. It wasn't like I was going to ask alot for it- maybe 5, 10 dollars. They are selling on eBay for $25 or so. But someone felt the need to steal it. And so for the second time in a row Brian and I have been robbed during a yard sale. I hate that.

However, it was a beautiful day for a yard sale and we had a great time sitting outside, enjoying the weather and the company of our neighbors.

A beautiful day sprinkled with some of our neighbors from further down the street stopping by to ask about the house. Since our realtor doesn't put an "Under Contract" sign out, alot of our neighbors have been nervous that our house hasn't sold. But we assured them all that we had two contracts within days of the open house. No need to worry, houses still sell relatively quickly in our neighborhood. But we got the feeling that a lot of them were nervous for us, or for them and the values around us. That pesky real estate market has everyone nervous I guess.


colleen said...

that really sucks.

caitlin said...

I swear to God IT WASN'T ME!!! I have my own camera!!! :)

Hoppy said...

I know it was Caitlin.... I can just feel it!!! By the way, what did you get for the for-sale sign?