Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our new home

Our new home is south of Zurich, Switzerland.

Our apartment is a 2 bedroom apartment with a patio and green space. A playground is a hop, skip, and a jump away from our patio. And there are several toddlers in the area. All boys though. Shhhh, don't tell Brian.

Our town is one of the larger towns along Lake Zurich, approximately a 20 minute ride from Zurich. Several stores and the train station are within walking distance of our apartment. But, by far the most important thing, is that the current renters have a list of babysitters for our use. Score!

This is a HUGE load off our shoulders. We will receive the rental contract fairly soon and then will be able to occupy the apartment when we arrive in Zurich the morning of June 2nd. I've been told we can also preorder furniture from Ikea and have it delivered the next day. Suh-weeeet!!!!

Unfortunately, it is not a 3 bedroom apartment. But potential guests, please don't worry. We will be purchasing a new sofa bed just for you. :-) No excuses people!!!!

So, we have a place. If you'd like our new mailing adress, just shoot me an email. Now onto decorating... off to Ikea this weekend to investigate!


Lisa said...

This looks lovely! I'm sure you'll have LOTS of visitors!

mrsmac said...

thanks girl! i'm hoping. a stop in horgen over your honeymoon maybe? ;-)