Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visas: they're in.

We received a very nice email from Brian's office in Zurich notifying us that our visa authorizations have arrived. Remember how I mentioned that it wasn't really going to be real for Brian until we got our visas, boarded the plane, and landed in Switzerland? Well, I think this news has pushed Brian to his first level of reality regarding this move. His response to the email:

"Holy shit… we are moving to Switzerland."

Baby steps honey, baby steps.

On another note, silly silly me. For some reason I thought that we were waiting for our visas all along. Turns out that just the authorization is in. We have to go down to the Swiss Embassy in DC with money, passports, passport photos, a copy of our marriage certificate, and completed visa applications for each of us. Then we should have our visas. Wonder what Brian will say then?


Jessica Cartwright said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! By the way, not sure where you live, but if you're far from the Embassy you can also send your authorizations and the application in via post with an SASE... but if you're leaving so soon (2 weeks right?) probably best to go in... How exciting. You're going to love it here!

mrsmac said...

Jessica- thanks for the advice! i'm only an hour or so so i'm either going to swing by and get them tomorrow after a meeting or friday morning. not sure what to expect, hopefully it goes smoothly!