Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coming full circle

Brian and I made some great purchases in the past five years we have lived at this house. Two favorites were our big screen TV and sectional couch in our basement.

The TV was purchased the first fall after we bought the house. Brian moved in and immediately began laughing when he saw my 13" TV from college in the basement. Apparently it was not what he envisioned watching football games on. Off we went to Best Buy and purchased a 50" rear projection HDTV. Through some screw ups on Best Buy's end, we ended up getting a 55" model. Football season was glorious.

Unfortunately, we only had a couch I had purchased through eBay to sit on while watching glorious football. So several years ago we went searching for a grown up couch. After a lot of searching, we found a huge comfortable sectional. And our bottoms have been thankful ever since.

But sadly, both had to go. So after our buyer rejected both items (his loss!), we sold both of them and they are now with their new owners. And now we have come full circle for our last month in this house: A 13" TV and Marion size chairs.

I find the familiarity comforting. Brian is thankful it is no longer football season.

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