Thursday, May 29, 2008

BGE & Communication

When I canceled our Baltimore, Gas & Electric service I was told that someone would come on May 29th between 8 and 12 to get our final meter reading. Which was great timing because the movers were at the house then and we would need to be there anyway.

So the movers finished this morning and Brian waited. Thankfully, we are busy so Brian and I decided if BGE hadn't shown up by 12:15 then we weren't going to continue to wait.

But that didn't stop me from calling them.

After a longer wait on the phone than Comcast but not as long as Verizon, I was speaking to a customer service rep. She informed me that because the new owner had requested service at the address after we canceled, BGE did not require a visit to get a meter reading.

Nice, thanks for letting us know.

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